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     Brides of the world are looking for a reliable husband, a solid relationship. Everything starts with introduction, but after this important first stage there will be more - letters, phone calls, chats, meetings - before your bride will be able to join your life, and you should be prepared for that. So, your search starts from here - you decided to use the services of Brides of the world web-site and need to know how to start. Here's what we offer:

1. Have your ad placed in our Gentlemen Catalog.

   Place your ad in the Gentleman Online Catalog - Brides of the world from our catalog will have a possibility to see your picture and profile at her local marriage or dating agency and ask the agency personnel to send you her letter of introduction. Your personal posting will be available only to those Brides of the world who are registered with a local marriage agency affiliated to Brides of the world. Women visit their dating agency office, they view foreign men profiles in the Gentlemen online catalog and choose ones they like. The next step is the dating agency personnel send bride's letter of introduction to the foreign men she has chosen. When you get mail from a pretty woman you know that she is already interested in you and has seen your profile. You can choose whether you want to get acquainted with Brides of the world who write you - you can view detailed profile of any girl who contacted you (by clicking "view biodata" or girl's icon in your inbox) and after reading profile you can decide whether you would like to write this girl back. To place a profile and photo in the Gentlemen online catalog would help you to save time and money since you will know if a girl has contacted you she is interested in you.
2. Use our Search Engine.

   We have a wide selection of profiles and photos for pretty Brides of the world. You will certainly find what you are searching for among more than thousand brides from various countries of the world. Profiles of Brides of the world are organized into several catalogs, but all the girls have photos in bikini! You can also use Search Engine to search for a woman matching several parameters you are looking for
3. View video of Russian brides.

   Brides of the world web-site presents brides from different countries on video. We are sure you would like to see how a woman looks in real life, how she speaks, moves, to hear her voice, and make sure our Brides of the world are not only pretty photos, but also beautiful live women! We highly recommend you to view the video if a girl has it available: photos do not always show true beauty of the woman! We have divided video into categories according to the content. Introduction video is a video where women tell about themselves. If a girl knows English, she will try to say some phrases in English. Action video shows how a girl moves. It is almost like seeing the woman in real! Bikini video shows the lady in the swimming suit. She walks, she sits, she lies on the beach, all in bikini, and she really wants to attract your attention! Aiming at presenting each lady as truly and fully as possible, we try to do several videos for one and the same woman. Section two and more video shows ladies who have several videos available.
4. Contact Russian brides.

   When you find several Brides of the world you like you can contact them using our email forwarding system. Mail forwarding is highly recommended for the first contact because mail order brides have more trust to the men who send them letters through the agency, besides all letters sent through the agency are translated for women if they do not know English well. Direct contact by postal mail or phone with women or girls you chose will be the next step in your relations, when your lady knows through emails who you are and trust you. Sometimes men do not trust the agency and try to avoid contacting Brides of the world through the agency. But do not forget that women come to the agencies personally, they know the people who work there, and have trusting relations with managers and interpreters. Many Brides of the world if asked why they decided to search for a husband through the agency would reply that it is safer, men who are clients of the agency are more serious and reliable. Use the web-site to contact the woman for the first time, and in the process of corresponding ask for women's postal addresses and phone numbers.
5. Use our special features.

   We have several special features for our customers. If you want you can become a member and get additional benefits when using our services and contacting Brides of the world. While corresponding with Brides of the world you can decide to send flowers and gifts to pamper your favorite brides. We deliver gifts to those pretty women who have option "send me a gift" in their profiles. Flowers, candies, toys - these romantic tokens will show your favorite woman that you care and think about her. Do not forget to order a photo on delivery with your gift order - and you will see a happy face of your on-line girl-friend who will smile only for you.
6. On-line chat

   On-line chat is an extra service designed to help men and women exchange short messages in real time. Click on "Online Ladies" button to see which Brides of the world are currently logged on. You can start chat with any lady who is on-line by clicking "Start Chat Now" button

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