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E-mail forwarding
Brides of the world marriage agency offers e-mail forwarding and human translation services. You can contact any woman in our Brides of the world catalog through the web-site for a reasonable fee. Read further to learn how it works an how much it costs; consult FAQ and contact us if you have any questions.

These are the charges applicable to your account at Brides of the world for our services:

To send one QUERY and receive yes/no reply to it: 0.25 of a UNIT;
To read/write one letter: 1 UNIT;
To forward 1 photo: 0.5 of a UNIT;

To read a letter of introduction from a woman: 0.25 of a UNIT.

Flirting is one more variant of your communication with women at our web-site. Flirting is an image-message which you can send as a sign of your affection or, if it is your first attempt to contact a lady, a sign that you like her and want to start communicating with her. A lady can also send an image-message as her reply to you.

QUERY is a good option for initial contact Brides of the world from our catalog. QUERY is a short standard message of interest you send to a woman you liked. This note of interest is received in the woman's agency; the agency calls the woman, she comes and views your profile (if your profile is without photos a manager at the agency may read your profile to the woman on the phone). The text of a QUERY is standard, it can't be changed; QUERY is cheaper than a letter; it only attracts the girl's attention to your profile; when viewing your profile the girl already knows that you are interested. To send a QUERY you should click a button QUERY on woman's profile page. Each QUERY costs 0.25 of a UNIT. You can use BONUS UNITs for sending QUERIES. Members can send 10 free QUERIES each month of the membership. All the QUERIES you send, and replies to all your QUERIES are listed in the special section inside your account. When your QUERY is replied positively, you can send a detailed letter about yourself either through our web-site.

Letter forwarding service is for those who want to exchange letters with Brides of the world in our catalog fast. You send email to a chosen bride simply by clicking "E-Mail Me Now" button on woman's profile page, and this email goes to a dating agency in the woman's native city. Local marriage agency interpreters translate your message from English into lady's native language. If it is the first time you contact the lady, she views your profile in Gentlemen Online Catalog. When the woman receives your message (either she picks it up in the office, or a manager at the agency reads the letter to woman on the phone) she is able to write a response immediately, or she may think it over and then bring her reply to the agency to translate into English, type it and forward on to you. We try to provide the women with the processed e-mails within 24 hours; however, we are not responsible for the amount of time it takes her to pick up your letter and reply back to you. Statistically, our male clients get replies to their letters within two weeks. To translate and forward one letter through our agency costs 1 UNIT. All letters you write to women and receive from women are stored in the special sections of your account. All mail older than 60 days is deleted automatically, that is why we recommend you to save letters on your computer. When corresponding through our agency men and women can exchange postal addresses and phone numbers for direct contact after you have sent her 5 letters and received 5 replies back. Our email forwarding service will save you months of time in communicating with the women on our website.

We also offer photo forwarding service option to exchange additional photos. It is advisable that you exchange additional photos with the women you are interested in (these are in addition to the photos in the profiles, of course). Additional photos will give you more information about the lady of your interest; you will see woman's family, friends, and herself in her natural surroundings. The women will be eager to learn more about you as well, and exchanging pictures is a good way to really get to know more of each other. Keep in mind that exchanging letters and photos is the only way for you now to get to know each other before you two actually meet, so you should exchange as much information about each other as possible to make certain that your relationship will work out. If you want to send a woman any additional photos you can attach the files to a letter you send to a woman. If a woman wants to send you more pictures of herself she brings them to the local agency and the agency sends these photos as attached files to the woman's reply. When you receive woman's reply with files attached you can decide how many photos you want to open; when you open the files, UNIT(s) are deducted from your account. You will not be charged for viewing the same photos again. To forward 1 photo either way (from a woman to you, or from you to a woman) costs 0.5 of a UNIT.

If you have your ad published in the Gentlemen's Catalog you will certainly get introduction letters from Brides of the world who searched the catalog and decided to initiate correspondence with you. An introductory letter from a woman is her way of showing interest in you.
What is a UNIT? You buy conventional units called UNITs. When you actually pay to us, you pay for UNITs and they are added to your account at Brides of the world, and then your account is debited each time you use our services (send a QUERY, read woman's letter, send a letter to a woman, forward additional photos or agree to pay for woman's photos to be forwarded to you). To make your correspondence cheaper we advice you to buy multiple UNITs: the more UNITs you buy at one purchase, the less sending or receiving 1 e-mail or photo would cost you. See our price list.

Customer support in Ukraine: +380-96-0751758
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